Yes, we make house calls too!  Computers are not only an integral and critical part of our business operations, but they have become an important fixture in our homes as well.  Many of us maintain a home office where we regularly conduct business, have a personal computer to maintain our music library and do our taxes, and provide the kids with a computer to do their homework and chat online with their friends.  Computers are now everywhere and we depend on them for many aspects of our lives.

We understand that computers are used for much more than business and we are here to help if you have problems at home as well.  Give is a call if you need help with... 

-  New computer setup
-  Wireless network configuration
-  Virus/malware recovery
-  Slow computer performance
-  Data backup/recovery
-  and more...

We have the tools and experience to handle any problem you may be having.  Our rates are quite competitive and we provide a personalized level of service you simply cannot get from the big box chain stores.

Many times we can quickly troubleshoot and resolve your problems over the phone.  Using our remote support tools, we can securely access your computer over the Internet (with your permission) to see the problem first hand, and make any changes needed to fix it.  While most problems can be addressed remotely, we will schedule a time to come to you if the problem requires a visit to your home.